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Dear Voters of Scotland,

The decision on whether to leave our shared country is, of course, absolutely yours alone. Nevertheless, that decision will have a huge effect on all of us in the rest of the United Kingdom. We want to let you know how very much we value our bonds of citizenship with you, and to express our hope that you will vote to renew them. What unites us is much greater than what divides us.

Let's stay together.


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On September 18th Scotland will vote on whether to stay in the United Kingdom, or leave to form a separate country.

For everyone in the rest of the UK, just as for Scotland, the result of the referendum will have a fundamental impact on our identity, our culture and our future.

As the Yes/No campaigns battle it out on Scottish turf, the feelings of people in England, Wales and Northern Ireland have largely gone unexpressed and unheard.

We believe that most people in England, Northern Ireland and Wales don't want Scotland to leave the UK, yet respect the right of the Scots to decide this for themselves.

We also feel that the time has come for the whole of the UK to wake up to the break-up of Britain, and to show Scotland that we do care.

We believe that the key missing message is a positive, emotional one: not telling the Scottish electorate what to do or what not to do, but telling them how we feel about Scotland, about being part of the UK and about our collective place in the world.

Let's Stay Together brings together people of all political persuasions, from every community and corner of Britain, from all backgrounds and interests, to express how much we value the United Kingdom and Scotland as part of it.

Some famous names have already stepped up and more voices will join the campaign in the coming weeks.

We've also compiled this heart-healing playlist on Spotify for your reflection and entertainment. There's something for everyone here!

We hope you agree and will add your name to our campaign, helping to share this simple, positive message with others: #letsstaytogether

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